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Business Accounts - Savings

At the First National Bank of Brookfield we have created a series of savings accounts to help your business and money grow. The majority of accounts are primarily designed to complement one of our outstanding business checking accounts.

Business Money Market Account

Ideal for businesses concerned with liquidity (limited check writing), but desiring an interest bearing account.

Hometown Choice Investment Account

The convenience of a savings account with rates rivaling those of other banks' Certificates of Deposit.

Business Statement Savings

Perfect for any business that wants to earn interest with minimal restrictions. ATM accessible.

Business Super Statement Savings

A super version of the statement savings account that allows your business to earn higher interest rates.

Certificates of Deposits

If your business is willing and able to set aside savings for 3 months or greater, our Certificates of Deposit pay some of the highest interest rates around.

  Minimum Balance to Open &
Avoid Monthly Maintenance Charge
Charge if Applicable Maximum Monthly Transfers Excess Transfer Charge Tiered Interest Rates (2)

Money Market

$10,000 $15 6 debits $10  Yes

Hometown Choice


$40 3 to another FNBB acct. $15 Yes

Statement Savings

$1,000 $15 6 debits $1.50 No

Super Statement Savings

$10,000 $25 6 debits $1.50 Yes

Certificate of Deposit 

$1,000 ---- (1) N/A N/A Yes

(1)Substantial penalty for withdrawal prior to CD maturity. Outgoing roll-overs are subject to a documentation fee of $30 each.

(2)Tiered interest begins to accrue on non cash items the business day the bank receives the deposit. Interest is paid and compounded monthly on certificate terms of six (6) months or more. Simple interest is paid on terms of less than six (6) months. No interest is paid on accounts closed between cycle dates. Interest rates and annual percentage yields (APY) are set weekly by First National Bank of Brookfield.

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